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Like many of you, I have a career and I’m a mom—and, like many of you, I didn't know what I didn't know. We’re talking hair – the most intimate aspect of our self-expression. Whenever I searched for help and advice on haircare from hair color to products to styling and any number of hair issues for myself and my family, I had a horrible time trying to find answers. I spent hours interpreting recommendations from people on hair services, looking through hundreds of pictures with thousands of likes, reading countless labels to figure out what’s safe and works with my hair type and texture, and searching the internet for an expert I could connect with to get answers to my questions. I thought an expert would give me the right advice on what would work for me and save me lots of time. This need became a huge problem when COVID-19 hit for me and many other folks. In fact, hair is now one of the most discussed topics across the globe.


I’m sure you understand what I mean when I say “ask a woman about her hair and she’ll tell you her life story”. Hair is fundamental to our identity and self-worth. It’s important to each and every one of us, and COVID-19 helped bring that to light. Hair is directly tied to our health and well-being. A bad hair day impacts our confidence and rocks our world.


After all, I thought, we live in a country that has experts we can access online for every industry. So imagine my surprise when I learned that when it comes to the hair care industry, that's simply not the case. Sure you have the famous YouTuber or Instagram Influencer, but are they truly experts in straight, wavy, curly, coily hair? Nope! And so... I started theLOOK, a company devoted to progress and innovation in all things hair. Here you'll find a wealth of live support and curated information from true experts. We screen and vet every hairstylist and barber to ensure they meet the industry’s highest standards so you can feel confident they know what they’re talking about. From discussions about hair color, products, hair loss, and styling – we’ve got you covered. theLOOK is focused on bringing empowerment and embracing beauty from within – one head at a time. We truly are a network of hair experts you can trust. Because we all deserve better. Our vision is bold; real answers are never timid. Help us put truth back in beauty with experts that deserve to provide you with the advice you need. Any hour of any day wherever you are, whatever you need.

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