How this works

Tired of interpreting 5 star reviews and hours of online research? Have you been asking yourself "How can this get me the answers that I need and the hair that I want"? You've come to the right place. Here's what happens behind the (virtual) curtain.

create your profile...

We gather information from you to make sure we connect you with the right expert. You'll answer some questions about your hair, product use, lifestyle, hair expert preferences, and current challenges you'd like to address. You'll need a government issued ID and a credit card on hand so the expert knows who they are treating. We take the privacy and security of your information very seriously, and the information you submit is encrypted within our secure platform.  

meet with your expert, virtually or in person 

Get connected with one of the top 1% of hairstylists and barbers in the world. You can also connect with an expert close to you who you can see in person for your services. On our platform, experts are ready to help you, on your terms and in your own time.

manage your hair in one place...

We got you! Never worry about losing all of the answers you've gathered for your hair. We know it's important and we keep them in your full hair profile so you can access them any time! You can also manage your product and services all in one single place! Reconnect with your expert anytime. 

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